Faithfulness Starts

Fourth grade saints began their Faithfulness journey by letting their lights shine. They’ve warmly welcomed three new students to CCA, and joined together to learn school and classroom routines.

This week in action:
Ariana enjoyed the Bible verse activities. These finished projects are hanging from the Faithfulness Fruit Stand and are posted on saints’ locker doors. Be sure to look for them when you’re in the school!

Amanni enjoyed playing games at CCA. Some of these were math games and some were brain break games. Games make learning fun!

A.J. learned about place values, word form, standard form, and expanded form. These were a part of our math lessons, ixl practice, and calendar activities.

Kaidnce enjoyed history this week. She discovered that we may live in our own home, located within our individual neighborhoods, however, they are part of a larger world.

Eyn liked math. With this month’s Calendar Counts pattern, he learned something about multiples of five.

Shekinah learned about Mrs. Outlaw’s family. She learned that Mrs. Outlaw has two sons.

Jacob learned how to fix sentences with the proper symbols. These symbols are called editing notations and are part of the language lessons.

What about me? I learned that most of these saints enjoy reading (check out their glyphs on the hallway bulletin boards), are willing to lend a helping hand to a classmate (or teacher), and can’t wait for recess!

I hope each of you have an awesome Labor Day holiday! If you don’t already have a church home, we hope you will visit Central Baptist Church this Sunday!


Welcome to the Fourth Grade!

Welcome to the fourth grade at Central Christian Academy!

CCA’s theme for this year is “SHINE” (Matthew 5:16) Think about it, how do you let your light shine before others so that God is glorified? Fourth grade saints will become more aware of shining their lights for God’s glory throughout the coming year.

Fruit Stands at CCA follow aspects of the Spirit’s fruit (Galatians 5:16 – 26). Fourth grade saints are part of the Faithfulness Fruit Stand. Our faithfulness journey starts Tuesday, August 26. This journey will bring new learning experiences in Bible, Math, Reading, Language, Spelling, Science, and History. I look forward to being a travel companion with Central Christian Academy, you, and the faithfulness saints as we journey along this path!