Faithfulness Journey

Our Faithfulness Journey is hurrying right along! I can’t believe it’s Friday already!

This week we’ve tested on the Scientific Method. We’ve also been using our observation skills to predict and hypothesize about the content of a quart jar. We had some interesting predictions! Our observations were included as a writing assignment during Work on Writing. Ask your saint about the contents of the jar (or what THEY think the contents are).

Bible is taking us into the New Testament with lessons that God keeps His promises (the promises He made throughout the Old Testament). History will also follow the New Testament route as we learn about the events of Pentecost and the struggles and suffering of early Christians. Look for Bible and History words that will be added to our vocabulary rings.

Addition and subtraction with regrouping is causing a few detours along our journey. Saints are not confident with basic addition and subtraction facts. Regrouping across several place values tends to be difficult. Be sure to practice basic facts (without using fingers for counting). Students should readily know these concepts. One way to practice? Good ‘ole flash cards.

Ask your saint about: *Calendar and Daily Deposits (Who’s made the best and closest prediction for September?)
*New songs being learned in Music and will be shared in Chapel (Have them share the praise routines for these songs.)
* Kickball successes and struggles (How do you work as a team? Are you letting your light shine by displaying supportive behavior towards teammates and opposing players?)
*What’s the color wheel and how is it organized? How difficult was it to create in Art?
* The Mayor’s visit for Constitution Day on September 17 (Did you read the newspaper article on Sunday, September 21?)

In closing, Parent – Teacher conferences will be held on Monday, October 13. If there is a particular time that fits into your work schedule, please let me know. (Students will not attend school on this date.)

As always, worship as a family this weekend. Grow spiritual fruit by planting God’s word within your heart and mind.


Our Faithfulness Journey

As one of our Faithfulness saints was overheard saying yesterday, “WOW! This week’s gone by fast!”

Indeed it has! Some of this week’s highlights include:

Music continues to be one of Shekinah’s favorite events. She enjoys the songs we sing. We, as a school, sing praises to God each Friday in chapel. In preparing for Constitution Day, we continue to work on The Star Spangled Banner in Music class. Our saints will blend their voices in song during Mayor Wright’s visit on the 17th.

Evan is learning about saints that are new to CCA. He discovered that Jacob likes the same things that he likes. Jacob and Evan both like video games!

Eyn was able to get into the ixl program to practice new math skills. His favorite? Solving math equations involving inequalities. A.J. agreed with Eyn. He liked the idea that “greater numbers eat the smaller number.”

Ariana enjoyed chapel this week. She listened attentively to the lesson about humus, humility, and being humble. When she placed the soil (humus) into Little Pot, she asked God’s help with doing well on today’s tests.

Amanni also liked chapel. One Friday during chapel, we learned about the Virginia Diner fundraiser and how CCA will benefit from the money saints raise. Amanni is working on selling as many items as possible. Remember that fundraiser orders and money are due on Monday, September 15.

Like Ariana, Jacob learned more about God and humility. He says,” We need to care more about other people than ourselves. It’s good to ask God to help us – we need help, too.”

Kaidnce was totally pleased with her score on today’s place value, rounding, and comparing test! She rocked that test!

Some reminders for the coming week:

* Virginia Diner orders are due Monday, September 15.

* Spanish class meets on Tuesdays.

* Constitution Day is Wednesday, September 17 – Saints are encouraged to wear red, white, or blue shirts/blouses (See the e-mail sent out last week by our CCA office). Mayor Wright will be our guest speaker. Saints will be singing The Star Spangled Banner.

* Faithfulness saints should be preparing for their recitation of the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution.

This public speaking project will be presented in front of other Faithfulness and Gentleness saints on Wednesday, September 17. Practicing in front of their family members is a great way to prepare!

* CCA’s Garden Club will have their first meeting on Thursday, September 18. Meetings last from 3:30 to 4:30. Information should be available the first of next week.

Praying that our saints and their families enjoy the football, baseball, soccer, and bmx activities this weekend. Be sure to include family worship time, too. Central Baptist Church is a wonderful place for learning and praising God!

Our Faithfulness Journey

What a wonderful feeling to know that God chose us as His people! Not only are we His people, but He will be our God! This is what we learned in our Bible studies this week as we reviewed parts of the Old Testament. Do your saints know the books of the Old Testament?

We added spelling to our studies this week. Saints were placed in a spelling group based on testing results. Spelling “sorts” which deal with a specific spelling pattern are introduced on Mondays (or Tuesday for this week). Students should be able to identify the spelling pattern as they work with this group of words throughout the week. Assignments are completed in their “Word Work” notebook. These assignment choices are identified on the first page of their notebook, and students are able to choose the type of practice they’d like to complete. A minimum of 5 assignments are generally expected to be completed. These 5 assignments are due on Friday and count as a homework grade. We did not get in our Spelling Test today; therefore it will be given on Monday, September 8.

Highlights of this week’s Faithfulness Journey include:

Amanni learned about the author of “The Star Spangled Banner”. Do you know the author’s name or the history behind our national anthem? Ask a saint! They should be able to tell you! (*We’re learning patriotic songs in music class in preparation for Constitution Day . This is on Wednesday, September 17. We will have a special guest to visit CCA’s third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students on this day.)

Shekina realized that her voice could not reach the high pitch of “The Star Spangled Banner”. How many of you know what “pitch” has to do with music? Shekinah can tell you! Better than that, let her sing it for you!

Ariana is a writer! She learned that commas are not just part of writing! Commas are also needed in math to separate periods.(Example: millions, thousands, ones: 43,658,092)

Evan learned the differences between prime numbers and composite numbers. You really need to be successful with your multiplication facts to understand these concepts!

A.J. learned the differences between odd numbers and even numbers! These can easily be confused with prime numbers and composite numbers.

Eyn learned a new song in chapel today. The song “Shine” was introduced today. It’s a catchy tune with an important message. If you listen closely, you might actually catch a saint humming it!

Kaidnce is a history buff. She learned about the state of Virginia, Virginia’s bordering states (neighbors), and the major rivers of Virginia. Maps and puzzles were used during lessons and practice.

Jacob’s favorite time was also during chapel today. His favorite song was “Up, Up and Away” which is another catchy song with a valuable message!

In closing, do you know that we pray daily? Students share their praises and concerns on a daily basis.

Oftentimes, their families, friends, and pets tend to be their number one prayer concerns! Rejoice in knowing that you’re being lifted up!