Have a Blessed Thanksgiving

Best wishes for a blessed Thanksgiving from each member of the Faithfulness Fruit Stand! We pray for safe traveling mercies for those of you who are on the road during this holiday time.

Be grateful for all of God’s gifts in your life.

G – God’s love

R – Recognize God’s plan for your life

A – A family

T – Thankful for Thanksgiving

E – Everlasting life

F – Friends and family

U – Understanding God

L – Love

We look forward to meeting back at the Faithfulness Fruit Stand on Monday, December 1!


Thanksgiving Greetings!

Highlights of this week’s events:

Shekinah: There are different ways to learn salvation. One of them is the ABC’s of salvation – Accept, Believe, and Confess.

A.J.: I learned how to multiply 2-digit and 3-digit numbers. His advice? Be sure to put your “0” where you need it.

Kaidnce: Enjoyed the Bible drill this week. Saints had to locate the referenced Bible verse, read it aloud, and identify key words in God’s message. The Faithfulness girls won this activity!

Jacob: Learned  how to do lattice multiplication. He says it’s a weird way to multiply!

Evan: Enjoyed learning about compound words through a game of Concentration! This was a way to enhance this week’s spelling words. Amanni was the winner of this activity. She had quite a keen memory for individual base words and how they fit together to form a compound word.

Eyn: Learned about the word “confess.” Eyn says that if you confess to God, He’ll forgive you and take away your sins.

Amanni: Learned how to multiply with larger digits, such as 14,000 X 800.

Yes, we have covered quite a range of multiplication over the past several weeks! Saints are winding down their practice work! The math test for ACO 4.4 will be given on Tuesday, November 25. (Estimating products, solving for actual products, and solving word problems by using multiplication.)

In Bible, our lessons have catered to how to receive salvation. We’ve done this through the three R’s of salvation: Realize, Recognize, and Receive; the ABC’s of salvation: Accept, Believe, and Confess; and God’s message of salvation in the New Testament: Believe, Repent, and Confess. This week’s Bible verse is Philippians 2:10-11. Can you help your saint determine the key words in God’s message from these verses?

We did a little dissecting in class on Monday. Students took a flower apart and used magnifying glasses to locate the petals, pistil, stamen, pollen, and anther. Students are also aware of how each part contributes to the seed making process. Look for our dissections hanging outside of the Faithfulness Fruit Stand.

In closing, we hope that you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving! CCA will close early on Wednesday, November 26, in recognition of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Faithfulness Stretches

Faithfulness is stretching into the second grading period. Students are stretching their knowledge of multiplication by solving  problems with two and three digit factors. They’re also estimating products by rounding factors to the greatest place value. Soon they will be solving word problems by using multiplication. These same skills have been evident in this week’s ixl practice. Be sure to practice multiplication facts nightly.

Speaking of problem solving, a letter went home with students today about a Math Project due on Tuesday, November 11. This project involves the CCA canned food drive, $2.00, and a bit of planning and purchasing effort from each student. Look for the letter and the $2.00 in your saint’s book bag. Which saint will get the BEST buy for their money?

What are the three R’s of salvation? Fourth grade saints should be able to tell you! These are topics in our Bible lessons. Students have completed writing assignments using Bible verses to help them in formulating their ideas of what is involved when Christians realize, recognize, and receive Christ into their lives. Hopefully, you’ll see some of these writings hanging in the hallway soon!

The Sign of the Beaver is our literature book for this grading period. We’ve already met a young settler named  Matt who has worked alongside of his father to build a log cabin in the wilderness of Maine. With that in mind, your saints have been asked to collect empty toilet paper, paper towel, and gift wrapping tubes. Our plans are to construct a log cabin in our classroom. What an endeavor!

In closing, remind your saint to use soap and water and/or hand sanitizer several times throughout the day. A stomach virus seems to be making a path through faculty members and students. Our Faithfulness classroom is being wiped down each afternoon with Clorox wipes (chairs, desks, tables, door knobs, and pencil sharpener). Lysol is also being used to try to stop the spreading of germs. Be sure to keep your saint home if they’re running a temperature!