Wishing You a SuperHero Christmas!

Boy, oh, boy, it has been a busy week!

We practiced for our Christmas program each day – and twice on Thursday. What a wonderful show it was! We were overwhelmed by the parental responses, the write-ups and photos on Facebook, and the positive feedback from everyone! We’re so proud of the hard work displayed by CCA saints, faculty, and staff. Thank you for coming out to show your support!

Some Faithfulness saints were able to successfully complete the division ACO, while others will have some reworking to do when we return in January.

Did your saint tell you they’ve been sewing in class? Each saint created a banner for a word associated with receiving salvation. These completed banners are hanging in the halls and cafeteria. If you happen to visit Central Baptist Church during the Christmas break, look for your child’s banner.

Counting the Days

We are excited about CCA’s Christmas program this year! We all want to be Super Heroes and shine our lights as Christians!

Today we worked on gathering costumes for our Faithfulness saints! That “wind blown” hair look is not from recess. It’s actually from trying on robes, hats, sashes, and belts in preparation for Thursday night’s performance. At this time, all saints have a costume for their King characters. Saints should wear a long sleeved shirt with a t-shirt style neckline under their costumes. Slacks will be rolled up so the cuffs won’t be seen. Costumes will remain at school for now.

Our performance begins at 7pm. Saints should arrive by 6:25pm and report to our assigned room.

Our division ACO is winding down. The division test will be given on Tuesday, December 16. It will include problems similar to those students have been solving with the ixl program. There will be solving for estimated quotients, actual quotients, and word problems. Some quotients will also contain remainders.

We are almost finished with The Sign of the Beaver. This is our literature book for this grading period. I hope your saint has shared some the explorations of Attean and Matt as they’ve become faithful friends in an unusual way.

Busy Days!

Saints are busy preparing for our CCA Christmas Program. Our program will be presented on Thursday, December 18. All Faithfulness saints are playing the role of Kings, and need costumes to represent these characters. Costumes should be at school by Monday, December 15. We hope you’ll invite family and friends to this amazing performance!

Division has been giving some saints a difficult time! Like multiplication, there is a process to solving division problems. Students must divide, multiply, subtract, and bring down. These steps may need to be performed several times before the problem is completely solved. There are many ways to remember these steps. Students have been doing a little “rapping” as one way to remember them. Another way to recall the steps is through this question: Does (divide) McDonald’s (multiply) Sell (subtract) Burgers (bring down)? To help, have your saint explain the steps to you as they solve homework and ixl assignments.

In spelling, the Green Team will be using spelling patterns and vowel sounds to determine how to break words into syllables. New list words are introduced on Mondays. It would be helpful to have your saint read these words to you on Monday night before they cut them out and sort them according to their pattern. Written practice is assigned for classwork and homework. The Word Choice assignments are completed in saints’ Word Work notebooks. These notebooks are collected each Friday. You will notice a change in the testing format with the Sort 11 words. No spelling will be given during the week of December 15 – 19.

Our Bible lessons are taking us into the book of Matthew. Our Bible verse, Matthew 6:19-21, talks about the type of treasures we have. Often, we want more, more, more – especially during this gifting season when we are frequently asked, “What do you want for Christmas?” However, all too often we forget how “rich” we already are! God has called us to be His children. He promises to provide all that we need. Pray that we will “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.” (Matthew 6:33)

In closing, thank you for all that you do in ensuring your child’s preparation and readiness for class each day!