Faithfulness Stretches

In The Sign of the Beaver, Attean and Matt learned from each other. One taught the other how to read the written language of the white settlers. The other character learned how to survive through hunting, trapping, and fishing, and how to respect his surroundings. Each character also learned about patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control – fruit of the Spirit that is best viewed by observing it in others.

Faithfulness saints portrayed teachers at this week’s Literacy Event. Students shared concepts through hands-on activities that challenged parents and guests. These activities involved skills and lessons learned during our second quarter. Each saint chose the concept to be presented, prepared the lesson (how to teach it), and practiced presenting it to an audience. I was very proud of our Music Specialist, Multiplication Specialist, Science Specialist, Division Specialist, Compound Word Specialist, Number Wheel Specialist, and Salvation Specialist! We hope that each of our special guests were able to observe success and growth in the sharing of these concepts and games.

As we reflected on concepts presented, practiced, read, discussed, and tested during this second quarter, we became more aware of how our faithfulness stretched.