What’s The Word?

The word is that Faithfulness saints have a research project due the week of February twenty-third. Each saint has a different animal to research. What do they need to learn about their animal? They need to describe the animal’s habitat, place in the food chain, structural adaptations, and behavioral adaptations. This information should be gathered in paragraph form and submitted on their due date. Due dates range from February 23 -26. In addition to a written report, there’s another, more creative project to complete and present on the same due date. Let me know if you have not received this project information.

As a teacher, I LOVE to see “the light” come on in a child’s learning experiences! Such a situation took place in the Faithfulness fruit stand this week! In preparing for our written reports, we’ve been working on organizing and writing paragraphs, identifying topic sentences, organizing supporting details, and moving smoothly from one paragraph to another. Our discussions have been vibrant and busy! We will continue to learn by developing, editing, and organizing students’ writings.

Love is in the air today at CCA! Saints excitedly arrived to school this morning with Valentine cards and treats to share. Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control saints were reminded of God’s love from John 3:16 as they anxiously waited to enjoy treats and share Valentine’s Day messages. They were also reminded that messages of love should not be saved just for this one day. Love is the first fruit of the spirit and should be expressed daily towards ourselves, family, friends, and strangers.

Enjoy your three day weekend!


Fantasy Land?

Did your Faithfulness saint come home this week and tell you about a most unusual day at CCA? Well, they weren’t exaggerating! Book characters took over the classrooms at CCA! As saints rotated from class to class, they were exposed to an assortment of activities and lessons from various authors, story books, and characters.

Saints met Amelia Bedelia in the Faithfulness Fruit Stand. They dressed in baseball jerseys as they became characters in Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia. From Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia saints learned how to “plant bulbs” Amelia Bedelia’s way. From Thank You, Amelia Bedelia saints learned how to pare vegetables, separate eggs, and make jelly roll.

Are you curious yet? Then pick up any Amelia Bedelia book and read it with your CCA saint. You’ll enjoy the stories and your saint will enjoy spending time with you!