Faithfulness Spreads

Our third quarter Literacy Event was a huge success!

Our Faithfulness choir performed the hymn “Low in the Grave He Lay” which they learned in Music class with Mrs. Moore. This teacher was a little nervous about how they would sound…especially after their practices earlier in the day! However, they astounded me once they began singing! I’m proud of their singing!

Evan did an extraordinary presentation with his “inventions” for “Thing-finders”. Then, families brainstormed ways to use items in our Thing-finder Box. Pippi would have been extremely pleased with their quality and quantity of ideas!

Finally, families worked together to create Pippi stockings for each saint. Various designs, names, and praise terms were drawn on the tube socks. As alcohol was sprayed, the ink spread (like Faithfulness) throughout the threads. Now each saint has an original, one-of-a-kind pair of stockings to wear. I can’t wait to see the saints model their creations!

I’m sorry that we ran out of time and didn’t play “Pluttification” (as Pippi called it) with our special guests! Students who remained at school enjoyed playing it in the afternoon. I think they especially liked the prizes!

Enjoy your Spring Break! We’ll see you back at CCA on April 6!


Writing, Relays, and Harmony

Throughout this quarter the Faithfulness saints have been writing, writing, writing! Brainstorming, rough drafts, editing, and final copies have been a vital part of instruction and practice. Just this week they’ve written about Pippi Longstocking being a student at CCA, the country of Thailand (where guest speakers in chapel served as missionaries), and a classmate whose light shines for others. It’s a wonderful feeling to see the improvement in writing skills during this time period! I hope you’ll also recognize the growth in their writings! Look for some of their writing on display during our Literacy Event “Faithfulness Spreads” on Thursday, March 26.

The activity for physical education is now relay events. Today was the first relay. Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control students were divided into five teams. Team members raced to retrieve “water bombs” and deliver them to their team. Next, the “water bombs” were delivered back to the starting baskets. The final event involved relaying the entire basket of “water bombs”  across the court without losing any. Team 2 won two out of three of the events! Saints learned that certain types of shoes or soles on shoes were more suitable for running and racing. Teams and types of relays will vary each week.

Harmony? As I was approaching the music classroom this afternoon, I was asked not to leave with students quite yet! Why? The entire group joined in harmony with the song “Low in the Grave He Lay”. Students sang in two parts as the boys’ voices echoed the girls. Some of the male students intentionally made their voices deeper to fit the musical flow. Most surprising? Cameron pointed out an unusual note combination – something I’m sure they learned in music! Perhaps you’ve noticed their work with recognizing certain notes?

Have a great weekend! We look forward to seeing you next week at our Literacy Event!

Back in a Routine!

It is WONDERFUL to be back in a normal routine – no foul weather interruptions!

Saints have worked diligently on ixl skills during the school day. An additional skill has been assigned during the last two weeks. Written math homework was limited so that saints would have more time to devote to these ixl skills. Some thoughtful saints have been shining their lights in class by helping classmates. This help benefits all students involved!

Saints have also worked diligently on their tile artwork. These masterpieces are hanging in CCA’s main hallway just outside of the office. Colors, subjects, and materials are bright and beautiful. Be sure to admire each piece as you drop off or pick up your saint. Order forms go home with saints today. As saints return their orders, a ribbon will be placed on their work sample. Then, look for the unveiling in June.

Speaking of pictures, class pictures will be taken on Friday, March 20. Saints are expected to wear jeans with their CCA shirt. Show that CCA pride!

Our third quarter Literacy Event has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 26. We look forward to seeing you from 10:30 – 11:30.