The Medieval Spread of Faith

Yesterday was a very big day for the Faithfulness Fruitstand.  Every single one of the children had the honor to be dubbed knights by Queen Stephens.  Since I partook in the ceremony, I was unable to capture pictures, but hopefully next week I will have some pictures to share.

The other exciting event was that we premiered our semester long project, our movie The Medieval Spread of Faith.  I have included it here.  Enjoy it! Please like and share it so that our faith can continue to spread.

Have a wonderful spring break!  Happy Easter!



Greetings!    Next week, three-fourths or 0.75 of fourth grade will be completed.  Time has just flown by so quickly.

This week was a mixture of wrapping units up, working with electricity, and filming for our big premiere event next week.

We started the week by explaining the different types of circuits (closed circuit, open circuit, series circuit, parallel circuit) as we used the knowledge we had gleaned the previous week from hands-on experimenting.

Later, we created electromagnets with a battery, insulated wire, duct tape, and a nail.  Suddenly, the nail was able to pick up a paperclip.  It was quite fascinating even if they did not work as well as I was hoping.  However, that is what makes science so intriguing.

A good portion of our days were dedicated to filming.  The children did wonderfully!  Here is a picture of them in their costumes for one of the final scenes.


And to pique your interest even more, here is a preview for our fruitful event this coming Thursday at 10:30 am in the fourth grade classroom.  I hope to see each one of your there!

Colonial Williamsburg

This week was filled with excitement.  We studied the Maori people from New Zealand and created kiwi birds out of kiwi fruit.  Each child then wrote a story with their kiwi bird as a character.


We also began studying about electricity through hands-on application including creating a circuit to run a motor and making observations of an AC unit.


And finally, to top off the great week of learning, we went to Colonial Williamsburg on a field trip.  Now I know you may think that we do not study the colonial period, which is correct, but at Colonial Williamsburg there are various trade shops that were similar to the trades of the medieval period.  In fact, at the cooper, when we asked him how his trade had changed from the medieval period, he responded “Only the clothes…in fact even in the Roman period only the clothes were different.  This is one of the few trades that has stayed the same for about 3000 years.”  The children were on their best behavior and were eager to learn what the trades people had to teach them.  They asked intelligent questions, and  many people even complimented them on what a great group they were.

First stop the Governor’s Palace
All of the children were so excited about all the weapons, including swords, that decorated the walls.


Oh look!  A coat of arms!


The Ball Room


On to the Armory Kitchen
The brick oven heating up to bake the bread later that day.
The blacksmith
The tin smith
The silver smith
The cooper
The cabinet maker


And what trip to Williamsburg would be complete without petting the sheep?

And the last bit of excitement, we started filming this week.  Stay tuned for a preview next week!

Still 1

Marching Forth

Yesterday was March the fourth.  And we are just marching forth through our project; in fact, yesterday  was the deadline for the completion of all preparations before we begin filming.  The script is done and sent home for practice, and the children are so very excited to learn their parts.

We have been practicing our British accents to better replicate the medieval period since as I have told the children, America was not discovered at that time.

We have seen first hand the meaning of faithfulness as we must all work together diligently in order to accomplish our end goal.

We have seen our faithfulness spread as we share with others that we are earning knighthood and needing to complete 4 hours of community service.   And first and foremost in the code of chivalry is to serve God above all others.

In the next few weeks, we will be able to bring it all together.  Stay tuned!