Weather or not

After a wonderful spring break, we have all gathered back together for one final quarter in the fourth grade.  I cannot believe how fast time has gone.

This week included many introductions to new units of study.  We began our new book of the quarter My Side of the Mountain, which is about a boy who runs away to the forest.  Over the next several months that he is living in the mountains, he records what he learns and memorable moments.

To go along with that, as a class, we are going to create a scrapbook over the next month about our lives.  Everyday, we will be writing for an entire ten minutes and editing for five both at home and at school to record what is happening daily.

To further be like Sam Gribley from our story, we will be daily tracking the weather using tools like an anemometer, thermometer, and a barometer.  In the end, we will be able to graph the weather patterns to see what has happened over the month.

Here we are setting up our rain gauge to see how much rain we have daily.

This week, we also went outside and observed the various clouds.  That day, we were able to see cumulous (big puffy white clouds), stratus (sheet-like clouds), and cirrus (high wispy breaths of clouds).




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