The question of the week

This week, several people, students and adults, walked into my classroom.  They took one look at my window, and with an inquisitive look asked, “What are those?”


They are the water cycle in a bag!  Going along with our weather unit, we talked about the water cycle this week.  To show a lake or other body of water, we put a cup filled half-way with water.  Then each morning, as the sun heated up the air in the bag, the water evaporated and then quickly condensed into water droplets at the top of the bag.  Closer to the afternoon, the water  cooled and started running down the bag as precipitation to the bottom of the bag outside of the cup.  After about a week, the bottom of the bags looked like this.  A visual water cycle!


In more weather news, we got to see a cumulonimbus cloud today!  I told the children that I thought it was so beautiful.  Some looked at me puzzled; I explained that everything that God has created is beautiful.  It was the perfect culmination of the week especially as we had looked at creation this week to understand what the weather was like in the garden and before Noah’s flood.  Later in the day, the cumulonimbus cloud poured down its abundance of water on the children as they  departed for home.




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