Christmas Part 2

These past few days have gone by in a blur.  The children worked so hard, but yet we still had time for lots of fun celebrating Christmas.

Last week, the children performed in the Christmas play and truly did an excellent job.  They were able to share about Jesus being the greatest gift given to us.  This is why we celebrate Christmas.


This week, every morning we spent looking at the different passages in the New Testament about Jesus’ birth.  The children recognized the great faith of both Mary and Joseph as an angel came to them to announce Jesus’ miraculous birth. Mary and Joseph did not question God, but humbly accepted what He told them.   Jesus was not only God’s Son, but he came to the world in a way that shows God’s power.

Even the visitors to Jesus show the world how truly miraculous the birth of Jesus is.  Shepherds came and worshipped Jesus because an angelic crowd came and announced the His birth.  Later, perhaps two years later, wisemen come following a star and worship Jesus.  As we were reading, one of the children pointed out that these two examples show us that anyone can come to Jesus, both the poor and the rich and everyone in between.

As the children understood the Christmas story better, their faith was stretched as they contemplated Jesus coming into the world to save sinners because He loves us.

I would also say that our class was the most festive class when it came to Crazy Christmas sweater, socks, and hat day.  Some of them, even decorated their own sweaters.

And then there was PJ day.  We went caroling, watched a movie, ate snacks, and made cards for a Navy ship, and had an ornament exchange.  Overall, it was a great day to bring in the Christmas vacation.

I’m excited to see what the New Year will bring as we continue on our faithfulness journey.


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