Video Game Day

Did you hear?  Two Fridays ago, the teachers here at CCA surprised the children with a Video Game Day.  The excitement was evident around the building.

Mario and Luigi showed up!


On this side of the building, the intermediate teachers dressed up as characters from Wreck it Ralph.  (Ralph, Vanellope, and Fix-It Felix) There was also an appearance from angry bird–she’s the bomb!


We mixed all the children up among the grades and rotated them.  To know which team they were on, we gave them each a medal with their team number and color.


In Sugar Rush, Vanellope makes a car with Ralph.  So in the fourth grade classroom on Video Game Day, the children built and designed cars from random material in a crate.  They knew that cars would be going down a ramp, and they wanted to make them go as fast as possible.

In Fix-It Felix’s room, the children built and designed the ramps.  However, because of the great designs and the time needed to build them, we did not actually get to test the cars until this week.  The children were able to tweak their design to make it go all the way down and to make it faster, including adding weight or causing the wheels to turn.

Overall, the children were able to use creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration to confidently show off their designs.


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