Christmas Activity

Christmas at CCA is always fun.  Throughout the entire month of December and even before, we are continuously practicing for our Christmas play.  This year, CCA celebrated 50 years so our Christmas play reflected that.  Each class chose a decade and then a song that was popular during that time period; we then tweaked the words to talk about Jesus.

Fourth graders got to be the 90s, and so we got to be one of the most popular boy bands of all time:  the Backstreet Boys.  We changed I Want it that Way to the following lyrics where God is talking to us.

Yeah-eh-heah/ You are my fire/ The one desire/ Believe when I say

I want it that way

But we are two worlds apart/ Can’t reach to your heart/ When you sin/ It should not be that way

(Chorus) Tell you why/ Ain’t nothing but My love for you/ Tell you why/ I sent My Son to die for you/ (Tell you why)/ I never want to hear you say/ It’s not enough for me.

Am I your fire?/ Your one desire?/ I know it’s not too late/ But I want it that way


Now I can see that we’re fallen apart/ From the way that it used to be Yeah/ No matter the wrong done/ I want you to know/ That deep down inside of Me

You are My fire/ The one desire/ You are (you are you are you are)/ I want you to hear me say/ 

(Chorus x3)

‘Cause I love you so much!

For me, these changes to the song held such a powerful and personal message.  God cannot bear the thought of being without us because He loves us so much.  And yet we are separated from Him by all of the wrong that we have done.  Because of His love, He pursues us to have a relationship with us by sacrificing Himself on the cross.  His ultimate example of love was when He sent His Son as a baby to Earth to one day die for the world; that’s why we celebrate Christmas.  What a great reminder of God’s love through a love song.  He wants to heal our broken hearts.

Besides the Christmas play, other CCA traditions include making an ornament for the school tree and pajama day.  This year our ornament was an angel with the arms outspread; on the back, we wrote some of the words from our Christmas song.

We were even able to use a social studies lesson about Saint Boniface to create thumbprint Christmas tress.  And we used an art lesson to create The Greatest Starry Night where we looked at Van Gogh’s work, but we also added the manger scene.

Pajama day is always fun.  It’s a fourth grade tradition to go caroling throughout the whole school.  I always love seeing the children get so excited about singing the carols and the other children about the surprise visitors.  We then combined with the entire upper elementary grades to watch a movie and have snacks.  And we ended the day by completing our craft for our parents.

Though a lot of work goes in the final days before break, a lot of memories are also formed.  I hope that everyone had a very merry Christmas, and I cannot wait to see you in 2018!